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We believe the prescription for nurturing love can be simply stated, but requires a lifetime to practice:

1. Meditation/contemplation to tap into the source of love

2. Allow love to dispel hate in our own hearts, first

3. From the position of a hate-free heart, we can help make the world a more loving place

If you’re interested in…

  • Learning more about Zen
  • Taking Precepts (becoming a Buddhist)
  • Deepening your Zen practice (which may include entering into a formal teacher/student relationship, including koan training)
  • Meditation instruction (learn how to meditate)
  • Contemplation
  • Spiritual guidance
  • Coaching
  • Seminary training (an intensive three-year program, with full ordination possible upon completion; essentially, ours is a school of love.)
  • Weddings
  • Discovering what “only love dispels hate” might mean in your life

…please contact us via e-mail at one of these addresses:

Rev. Charama Bhavika: charama (at) onlylovezensangha (dot) org.

Rev. Chasayk: chasayk (at) onlylovezensangha (dot) org.

If you’re not sure who you want to talk to, just send an e-mail to our general mailbox:

hello (a) onlylovezensangha (dot) org.

NOTE: Use @ for “(at)” and . for “(dot)” and your e-mails should reach us just fine.


To join us from where you live, first download the Zoom video-conferencing program. (It’s free.) Then, send us an e-mail to let us know you’d like to be part of our 5pm (Eastern) sangha meeting every other Sunday. At the appointed time, we’ll send you a link via e-mail. Click on the link and you’ll be part of the Only Love Zen Sangha – no matter where you live.