Dharma Talk – 30 October 2016

Today’s Dharma Talk (titled “Happiness Doesn’t Exist”) was given by Rev. Jachong. So let me ask you…How do YOU define happiness? Is it money? Is it a big house or a fancy trip to exotic places? Is it family? Is it health and well-being? What is it? You probably already know that I practice Zen, … [Read more…]

Dharma Talk – September 18, 2016 (Rev. Jachong)

Today’s Dharma Talk (titled “Zen is Boring”) was given by Rev. Jachong. Recently on a family vacation I realized something: we are afraid of the moment. We are addicted to not being in the moment. Is this moment too scary? Is this moment too painful? Does this moment remind of us something that we don’t … [Read more…]