Time Change For Services

During the winter months, we will meet at 10am, Eastern, instead of 5pm, Eastern.

This way, people who live nearby who want to join us won’t be driving home in the dark.

It makes sense to hold our service at 5pm during the seasons of spring and summer. People are busy with family and friends and vacations and whatnot. Meeting together as a Sangha takes a back seat to such things.

But in the winter, after Daylight Savings Time ends in the fall, being outside and going on vacation aren’t as prevalent. So it makes less sense to meet at 5pm. Plus, we don’t want anyone leaving in the dark.

Therefore, starting this Sunday, November 6, we’ll meet at 10am.

Catch us on Zoom.

Or visit us in person.

Either way, we’ll see you at 10am, Eastern!

(And remember to turn your clocks back one hour.)

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