Go With Our Love, Rev. Jachong

I am both profoundly saddened and incredibly elated that Rev. Jachong has decided to pursue a different path at this time in her life.

Today is her last day with Only Love Zen Sangha.

I am sad because I will no longer be her teacher…will sorely miss our weekly meetings…and will not experience the great love and uncommon wisdom that she shared in Dharma talks. It is an understatement to say Rev. Jachong has added greatly to my life, to all of our lives. Her contribution has been incalculable. I – and others at Only Love Zen Sangha – have been honored to work side by side with her for the last 3+ years. She is a true Bodhisattva that I have been blessed to know.

At the same time, I am elated that she has found a new direction, one that she believes will give her great clarity and peace. Whenever someone discovers his/her direction, it is cause to be joyful. Finding one’s way in life is never easy. So when it happens, I can genuinely rejoice with her.

Rev. Jachong goes with our deepest love and appreciation…

…and sincerest thanks for being a shining example of what love and compassion – combined with wisdom – looks like when embodied in a fellow human being.

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